There’s no doubt that you can bring the biggest change in your health and happiness just by eating right. But it’s also true that our current pace of life doesn’t leave us much room to always make healthy choices. Most of us rush back home every evening to make something quick, not necessarily healthy and wrap up eating dinner, without enjoying it.

It doesn’t always have to elaborate to be wholesome & delicious meal. If we look back to the way our grandparents used to cooked and eat food, they used the most basic ingredients, procured locally and cooked in simple but effective ways. If you are looking for healthy substitutes to carbs and proteins than try out ‘Millets’.

For the past two years we’ve been working with farmers in India to practice techniques of sustainable farming and harness goodness of earth, and grow crops free of chemicals full of nutrition content. Shastha Foods carries over 50 varieties of Millets and their products. We support our farmers and connect with them to bring all natural, wholesome and authentic food products with no artificial flavors, no preservatives. Browse through entire range of Shastha Indian Millets and feel free to order.

Try these healthy, nutritious recipes and enjoy a hearty meal with Shastha Foods.

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These 57 creative recipes of Shastha Millets ebook combine greens and millets grains in dishes for all meal occasions that burst with flavor, taste, and color. This is an indispensable book for the health-conscious home cook.

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Jaggery- A natural sweetner

Do you have a sweet tooth and hunt for sugary food after every meal? Sugar cravings are the hardest to resist especially if you are trying to control caloric intake. Most of us end up indulging ourselves in those instant sugar options after meal. To add on, our festivals and special occasions are not complete without sugar loaded sweets.

Why do we need to compromise our age old traditions when there are naturally sweet products that not only add flavour but also immense nutritional value to the food we eat. Let’s follow the same tradition of our ancestors and satisfy our sweet tooth naturally by adding natural sweetness to meals. Jaggery or ‘Gur’ is a most common ancient Indian sweet used widely in sweets and dishes. Made from sugarcane and date palm, It comes in all kinds of forms, from semi-liquid to solid blocks, of different shapes and sizes. It is rich in fibre and vital nutrients, and free from chemicals. Jaggery is an essential ingredient in several Indian recipes and tastes absolutely divine. Loaded with nutrients that add to our health, jaggery is a natural sweetner that we’ve forgotten because of processed products.

According to Ayurveda, it is the best natural cleansing agents for the body, which removes toxins particles from the body. It is a carbohydrate that provides instant energy to the body as it gets absorbed in the bloodstream instantly. It is often used in place of sugar for sweetening beverages in rural India. None of the traditional Indian sweets are baked without addition of Jaggery.

We are happy to revive this forgotten wonder product and are bringing it back to your kitchen or pantry in the purest forms.Shastha Foods jaggery products are sourced from farmers who follow and practice age old techniques of making ‘Gur’.

Order your home-style sweetner and enjoy it in drinks and food:

 Karupatti Vellam: Made from freshly concentrated product of cane sugar and date palm tree, Palm jaggery is a treat to taste buds. The process of making palm jaggery does not involves use of any chemical agents, hence all the natural minerals are retained as no preservatives are added..




Panam Kalkandu:
Panam kalkandam the crystalised form of palm sugar. It is produced from the sweet “Neera” from Palmnyra and is a nutrient rich, low glycemic crystalline sweetner.


Organic Jaggery powder and cubes:
Healthier & tasty substitute for Refined Sugar. is produced from sugarcane cultivated in organic farms spread across India without application of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.



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"Food blogger Soma Sengupta has created absolutely delicious, healthy and super simple recipes using Shastha Millets Adai batter and Foxtail Millets grains. Her blog is an amazing compilation of yummy and delicious authentic recipes.

As they say, food is medicine and in ancient India, the Ayurvedic classic convalescing diet included a Khitchari since ancient times. It is prescribed in Ayurveda even today as a part of the Panchakarma which is the classic Ayurvedic mind-body cleanse to strengthen your basic constitution and immunity. The Khitchari is a meal which is power packed with nutrition and easy to digest. 

I have replaced rice with Millets and amped up the health quotient even more. Millets are a super grain with enormous benefits. It is low-glycemic, rich in protein and naturally gluten free. The millets khitchari packs in even more nutrition than the rice based one. Also, the use of fresh Turmeric and Ginger makes this dish even healthier and satisfying. 

Enjoy trying the recipes!"


Yellow Mung Dal – ½ cup

Millets – ½ cup

Vegetable Oil – 2 tbsp

Bay Leaf – 1

Black Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp

Asafoetida – 1 pinch

Whole Cumin Seeds – 1 tsp

Dry Red Chilies – 2 (optional)

Turmeric root – ½ inch, washed and peeled

Ginger root – ½ inch, washed and peeled

Ghee – 1 tbsp

Lemon Juice – 2 tsp

Cilantro – 1 tbsp, finely chopped


  1. Wash and soak the mung dal and millets in two separate containers for 30 mins.
  2. In a pan, heat the vegetable oil.
  3. Add bay leaf, asafoetida, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and red chilies. Let it sputter and get fragrant.
  4. Drain the mung dal and millets and add it to the pan. Add salt and stir.
  5. Alongside, grind the turmeric and ginger in a mortar pestle. Throw that in the pan and stir everything together for good 3-4 mins.
  6.  Add 2 cups of water and let it come to a boil. Now on a medium flame, let the khitchari simmer for 20 mins. Add 1/3- 1/4 cup of water if needed. Take a few grains out of the khitchari and mash between your fingers to test if it is cooked.
  7. The mixture should be mushy. Once done, add the lemon juice and ghee. Stir it in along with the cilantro.
  8. Check the seasoning and adjust if necessary. Remove from stove and serve alongside a fresh salad of cucumber, carrots and some roasted poppadums or papad.

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Mouth watering recipes using Indian Millets

Mouth watering recipes using Indian Millets

Food blogger Soma Sengupta has created absolutely delicious, healthy and super simple recipes using Shastha Millets Adai batter and Foxtail Millets grains. Her blog is an amazing compilation of yummy and delicious authentic recipes.

Enjoy trying the recipes!


Being a working mom, very often I don’t have time to make things from scratch. Yet, I want to give nutritious homemade meals to my family. And the Shastha batters are a blessing. Made from the best ingredients, they are naturally fermented and do not contain any artificial ingredients. Millets are an indigenously grown super grain in India. By replacing millets for rice in these batters, Shastha Foods have kicked things up a notch.

Low glycemic, high protein and completely gluten-free, the Shastha batters are a dream come true for anyone looking to add plant based superfoods in their diet. And the nutty, tangy taste of millets is something you will get addicted to. Finally, there is something that is healthy and delicious.


1. Multi Millets Adai


Shastha Multi Millets Adai Batter – ¼ cup per Adai

Vegetable Oil


  1. Heat a nonstick skillet.
  2. Dip a paper kitchen towel in some vegetable oil and wipe the skillet with it to grease it. Alternatively, you can use Pam spray too.
  3. Add ¼ cup of Shastha Multi Millets Adai batter and spread it out thin like a crepe with the back of your spatula. Make sure to do this swiftly so that the batter is spread uniformly before it starts to cook.
  4. One minute into it, add a little vegetable oil along the edges. You will see the edges crisp up and get cooked faster than the center. 
  5. Wait until the center is cooked. The whole thing takes about 2-3 mins. Slowly get your spatula underneath the adai and loosen it from the skillet.
  6. If required flip it and cook on the other side too.

2. Red Tomato Garlic Peanut Chutney


Tomatoes – 3

Garlic – 2, big cloves

Dried Red Chilies – 1

Tamarind pulp- 2 tsp

Salt – To Taste

Peanuts – ½ cup

Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp

Curry leaves – 4-5

Vegetable Oil – 2 tbsp


  1. Soak the red chili in hot water for 20 mins.
  2. Rub some vegetable oil on the tomato and roast on an open flame till they get charred. This takes anywhere between 4-5 mins.
  3. Alternatively, put them under the broiler for 4-5 mins. Take care to flip them halfway.
  4. Let it cool. Remove the charred skin, and cut into pieces.
  5. In a pan, heat 1 tbsp of vegetable oil. Add peanuts, tomatoes, hydrated red chili, tamarind pulp and salt. Stir and cook for 3-4 mins. Let it cool.
  6. Once cooled, put it in a food processor and puree it 
  7. In another pan, heat another tbsp of vegetable oil. Add curry leaves and mustard seeds. Let it sputter 
  8. Pour in the pureed mixture and cook for 2-3 minutes till the consistency is that of a chutney.
  9. Taste for salt and adjust if necessary. Serve alongside Adai or Dosas.

3. Coconut Cilantro Chutney


Cilantro – 1 bunch

Coconut – 1 cup, grated

Green Chilies – 2

Ginger – ½ inch, washed and peeled

Salt – To Taste

Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp

Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp

Lemon juice – 2 tsp


  1. Wash the cilantro and the green chilies and throw it in the food processor with ¼ cup of water and the grated coconut, ginger and make a puree.
  2. In a pan, heat a tbsp of vegetable oil and add the mustard seeds.
  3. Add the pulsed mixture and keep stirring and cooking.
  4. Add salt to taste. Cook for 3-4 mins till the chutney reaches the desired consistency.
  5. Add lemon juice, taste for salt and adjust if necessary. Serve alongside Millets Adai.

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Are you bored of your usual cooking? Or have your taste buds been craving for something new? Let’s spice it up! We are here to talk about making food better and tastier with some common herbs and spices. In most indian homes spices are used generously on low flame to provide color, texture and an aroma to food that is always inviting. Spices are usually dried up before using for cooking. Aromatic spices add flavor and bite to curry dishes and many of these spices also offer you health benefits.

Did you know Indian cooking can use upto 36 different types of spices?

These spices are not only used for seasoning food but also are packed with solid healthy benefits, right in your kitchen.

So to lead a healthy and balanced life by avoiding ailments and lifestyle diseases, a nutritious diet rich in spices can be the way to go.

Shastha Foods has a great collection of pure and healthy spices that will make your normal food more tasty, aromatic and flavorful


A delicious preparation of careful blends of lentils, spices and red chilies to give the right flavor and taste. It is a great combination for idly, dosai, oothappam and even for adai. Made from the finest quality Pulses and Spices. 100% Authentic Traditional South Indian Recipe. Pure Vegetarian Home made Tasty Flavour.



SHASTHA PARAPPU PODI:                                                                                                 A lip-smacking spice powder recipe mainly served as a condiment or as a side dish to rasma rice or sambar rice for lunch and dinner. it is mainly prepared from the combination of lentils and roasted chana dal mixed with dry spices.
This spicy condiment is typically used as taste enhancer when served with breakfast or with meals and is filled with spices and garlic flavours.



A secret ingredient for a tasty cooking, this mixture is made up of dry spices, leaves, and dal. Shasthas Kulambu Chilli Powder gives you a great taste like homemade powder mix. This is such a versatile spice powder as it turns any simple dish extraordinary with its touch. Make appetizing curry recipes for your entire family instantly within few minutes Bring soul and taste to your scrumptious cooking with our flavorful powder.



SHASTHA SAMBAR POWDER:                                                                                    Fresh, aromatic, homemade sambar powder that adds flavourful addition to all the South Indian Sambars.It is an important ingredient in making “Sambar”. This spiced powder is made with a blend of roasted coriander seeds, toor dal, chana dal, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds and few more which adds to this unique taste and exemplifies the taste sambar.


We can already see the benefits from Turmeric or Nutmeg that are getting popularized in form of supplement powders and tablets in super markets. But there are spices like fenugreek, fennel, corriander seeds, star anaise and many more in Indian spice cabinet that have huge health benefits but are not so popular.

At Shastha Foods, we are happy to bring those spices in forms of podis and powders to our customers in US and Canada.

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Remember our grandparents/parents telling us about how they used to go to the store with an empty can to purchase chekku ennai?  In South India, chekku ennai was a way of life until 50 years ago. “Chekku ennai” is the local name for cold pressed sesame oil.

Cold pressed oils produced using low-heat methods are superior in quality compared to regular oils and are healthy alternative to cooking oils. Our ancestors primarily consumed cold pressed oils until about 50 years ago, when large-scale manufacturers of refined oils took over the market. Known to be cholesterol free, these oils are unrefined or unprocessed, free from harmful solvent residues and contain natural antioxidants that are beneficial for the body.

Cold pressed oils are one of Ayurveda’s best secrets. If stored in clay utensils, chekku oil lasts for almost a year. Chekku oil is traditionally supplemented with palm sugar or jaggery, which heightens its flavor and also its nutritional value. Benefits of cold-pressed oils to your heart health and internal well-being are many , these oils can also be a healthier and safer source of nourishment

Cold pressing method is the process involving crushing seeds or nuts and forcing out the oil through pressure.

In olden times, a long cylindrical contraption known as 'ghani' was used to extract oil from oilseeds. Ghani is a long cylindrical chamber made from wood, with a pestle in the centre. Oil seeds are poured in the ghani and are gradually crushed by the rotating pestle till most of the oil comes out through the opening at the base. .

This was the simplest method for cold pressing oils out of a seed as it didn't involve generating too much heat.

Rich in vitamin E and having anti-inflammatory and healing properties. They are also rich sources of oleic acid that help boost your immune system. They are not only good for a healthy heart and your well-being, but they are also a healthier and safer source of nourishment for your skin.

You can use them on top of salads and breads for a combination of flavour and health.

At Shastha Foods we have a wide range of cold pressed oils that has been made with the same “Wooden pressed” method of extracting oil in its purest form thus maintaining its goodness. These include Sesame Chekku Oil, Peanut Chekku Oil and Coconut Chekku Oil.

Sesame Chekku Oil: Used for oil pulling, swishing or gargling it assists with strong and white teeth and gum. This oil is used as a carrier oil or base oil for preparation of herbal oils in Ayurveda.In Ayurveda sesame seed oil is used for Shirodhara, Abhyanga and Head Massages.


 Peanut Chekku Oil: Wonderfully pleasant, sweet-flavored peanut oil is low in saturated fats, free from cholesterol, contains essential fatty acid. It has deep yellow color with a pleasant nutty aroma and sweet taste as compared to refined oil with light-yellow color and neutral taste.




Coconut Chekku Oil:The purest form of coconut oil  is with water white colour and contains natural vitamin E that suggests that the oil has been subjected to less intense refining, lower temperature and no chemicals and thats why it makes the most amazing multi-tasker in your vanity dresser. Known as Gandusha, it is a fantastic oral detoxification procedure that’s simply done by swishing a tablespoon of pure coconut oil in your mouth for 10- 20 minutes that removes bacteria and promotes healthy teeth and gums.


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Finally winter has knocked North America. Best time to enjoy a hearty meal of hearty soups, Rasams, moong dal halwa, ladoos etc as these provide the much needed warmth during this nippy weather.

Winter is the best season to binge on seasonal delicacies that are not only finger-licking good, but are also packed with multiple benefits that help you stay warm and strengthens your immunity.

Shastha Foods brings you variety of winter specials - tasty and nutritious

Shastha Rasam Mixes

An authentic South Indian recipe, Rasam is a flavourful dish ideally served before main course. Made with tomato, curry leaves and asafoetida powder, it is an ideal appetizer recipe. Rasam tastes the best when served with crispy papads.


A blend of roasted spices that is full of fresh flavors and aroma, podis are very traditional to the south Indian cuisine. Serve the Podi along with hot steamed rice and ghee or sesame oil, or add it to any vegetable curry.

Shastha Kovilpatti Peanut Chikki (Cake)

Casted with dry groundnuts with a drip of hot jaggery syrup this groundnut candy is a crunchiest treat for your taste buds and heart. This sweet snack has a telling taste which is delicious and at the same time healthy.

Peanut Urundai

A delicious snack liked by both elderly as well as younger generations.Kids love it as its soft and has a melt in the mouth texture. It is made with peanuts and jaggery as main ingredients and is very easy to make, tastes delicious and healthy too.Manoharam Urundai is basically making thenkuzhal and putting it in jaggery syrup and make balls out of it.

Vellai Ellu Urundai (white-sesame-sweet-ball)

Ellu Urundai is a kongunadu special sweet made with sesame as its main ingredient. Its healthy and has very minimal ingredients. Ellu urundai is extremely nutritious as sesame contains several B vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc which is good for health.

Rava Ladoo

Festival celebrations come alive when delicious rava laddu prepared with coconut, saffron and dry fruits is served. It is a traditional Indian sweet suitable for all occasions and festivals. A sweet recipe that is aromatic and tastes delicious with the slight crunch that comes from roasted semolina. These are sweet balls made using semolina (sooji/rava), ghee (clarified butter) and sugar.

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Navarathri or Navratri literally means 9 nights and 10 days in Sanskrit, and is usually celebrated as a post-monsoon autumn festival across Indian sub-continent. But for most of us it’s time of the year that kicks start Indian festival season, bringing people of all ages together to share traditions and customs, worship and pay gratitude to all, and enjoy good food, fun and laughter with family and friends.

You might recollect seeing your naani or daadi busy preparing yummy snacks and hand rolled delicaies just before the start of Navratri festival. As tradition has it, from cleaning and decluttering to buying new and attractive things to decorate the houses, all forms of Mother Goddesses are heralded, worshiped and adorned with flowers, beautiful clothes and offerings during these 9 days. But the mode of celebration differs across states and among communities in India. In Gujarat it is celebrated with great pomp and show. Communities come together to dance in unison during their dancing festival call Garba. Garba raas and dandiya raas are the two beautiful form of Gujarati dance. Navratri is known as Durga Puja in West Bengal. For South-Indians, Navratri is the occasion to invite friends, relatives and neighbours over to look at the Kolu, which is basically an exhibition of various dolls and figurines. And with these decorations, they make special snacks like Sundal and Pongal that are just mouth watering.

A common thread that binds these celebrations and brings families together is ‘Food’. The saying ‘Food brings people together’ cannot be more true than during this period. Delicacies like Sweet Pongal, Sundal, Rava Laddoo, Coconut Rice, Curd Rice, Payasam etc are made in most South Indian homes to mark this occasion and make this festival special and loving for everyone.

Check out this traditional recipe that is flavorful, mouth watering and will leave everyone asking for more. Lets make this easy, healthy recipe of Samwat Ke Chawal Ki Kheer on this Navratri and continue enjoying the festivities.

Prep Time : 16-20 minutes

Cook time : 41-50 minutes

Serve :

Level Of Cooking : Easy

Taste : Sweet

Ingredients for Samwat Ke Chawal Ki Kheer Recipe

  • Samwat ke chawal 1/4 cup
  • Milk 5 cup
  • Almonds 10
  • Raisins 10
  • Sugar 1/2 cup
  • Green cardamom powder 1/4 teaspoon

Step 1

Soak almonds in half a cup of hot water for five minutes. Drain, cool, peel and shred. Keep aside. Wash rice thoroughly in plenty of water. Drain. Wash and drain raisins. Take rice and milk in a deep pan and bring to boil. Lower the heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, till the rice is fully cooked and the milk has reduced to half.

Step 2

Add sugar and cook till the sugar has fully dissolved. Add raisins and cardamom powder and cook for another ten minutes. Garnish with shredded almonds and serve hot or chilled.

Nutrition Info

  • Calories : 1902 Kcal
  • Carbohydrates : 211.9 gm 
  • Protein : 49.4 gm 
  • Fat : 71.5 gm 
  • Other : 0


If you are looking for a special ingredient for your traditional recipe, get in touch with us through and we can help you find the right ingredients.

Seer Items -A bond of love and care

Seer Items -A bond of love and care

     India has unique traditions that have been passed on through generation and it is the warm bond that brings people together and keep sharing those with their children. SEER is one of such beautiful tradition practised in South India to maintain a lovable bond between relations through multiple customs & occasions. It is exchange of presents, pleasantries and pay-return respect between relations.

SEER VARISAI  bonds  a boy child or a girl child , throughout his/her entire life, with his/her parents, brothers, sisters, maternal uncles and paternal aunties.

The bride’s parents prepare mouth watering sweets and savouries for the bride to take back with her to her husband’s home. These are known as ‘seer bakshanam’ and are stored in decorated containers by the groom’ family and later distributed amongst friends and relatives.

Seer is an  integral part of South Indian wedding celebrations, the plates of seer varisai for wedding are displayed in an eye-catching array to showcase the grandeur of the ceremony. In any marriage in Tamilnadu, one of the most important things is the seer thattu - A ritual that welcomes the groom into the family, becomes the focus. A lot of emphasis is placed in the decoration as also in the presentation of the Seer varisai.

Aesthetically mesmerising, seer varisai for wedding abound in bling and ensure a rich display of colours. The traditional with contemporary packing techniques are creatively blended to create customised seer thattus. Unique ethnic designs and colours lend a graceful and personalised touch to wedding celebrations and redefines traditional wedding opulence thus marking the affluence of the family.

Shastha Foods brings you variety of Seer Items to make your event special and memorable.
Jangiri, Badhusha, Seer Athirasam, Seer Special Mixture, 5 Spiral Seer Hand Murukku, Seer Mysore Pak, Groundnut Koodu (Cone), Cashewnut Parappu Thengai Koodu (Cone) etc. Living far from home, you can still pass on the traditions and customs to your children and help them develop the bond of belonging and love.

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Navratri Golu - Festival of Dolls

Navratri Golu - Festival of Dolls

Golu is the unique festival of dolls. Golu, also known as Kolu, Bombe Habba (Kannada), Bomma Gullu (Malayalam), Bommai Kolu (Tamil) or Bommala Koluvu (Telugu), is a toy festival celebrated during the time of Navratri in Southern India. Navaratri is a time during which many homes in India are full ofcolors, light, music, and food. People greet their loved ones with gleaming dolls, colorful Kolam (Rangoli), lighted lamps, and traditionally dressed women and girls chanting slokas and singing.

As per the traditions, the first dolls to adorn the Golu should be “Marappacchi”, a pair of male and a female dolls. There are many stories on Golu festival. In earlier days it was done to make adolescents aware of gender morphology.

It also has a significant connection with agriculture in order to encourage desilting of irrigation canals, Golu was celebrated to create demand for clay materials. It is symbolic of the feminine power and symbolizes that everything on earth has one creator. This festival is celebrated to acknowledge their sacrifice. A very important occasion that promotes creative expression for women and for the family to work together on an aesthetic aspect

Golu dolls are made, by moulding a clay model of the sketch from the book with a knife-like tiny but thick ‘tools’ made of bamboo and rosewood. The tools are used to make the sharp features and sculpt the jewels and attire of the gods. The tiny clay dolls with chiselled nose and well-defined features are readied to make moulds for the festive season. Each year moulds for unique dolls are made and sold  to doll makers. From these moulds, thousands of dolls are made.

Shastha Foods is organising Golu exhibition in its warehouse from Sep 15 - Oct 10. It is a unique display of Golu dolls for the coming festive season. We welcome you all to a grand show of golu dolls and navratri fest.

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