We all know the morning grind - get kids ready for school, work through meetings, get ready yourself and dash out of the door. To manage this flurry of activity you want to have a wholesome start. Instead of a quick junky breakfast you can enjoy healthy, homemade meals with Shastha batters instantly without any hassle of soaking, washing or grinding etc. Just heat up the pan, spread Shastha’s ready to cook batter evenly and get super fluffy, soft and aromatic crepes and enjoy super filling, healthy and wholesome breakfast in just 5 minutes. You basically are getting the 24-hour process of making fresh batter in ready to cook containers, free from preservatives or any other additives. 

If your kids are studying away from home or you are travelling you can still enjoy the same homemade flavors that are super healthy and delicious meals with our Batter value packs which are not only authentic and wholesome but also on reasonable prices. Buy these value packs from

At Shastha Foods we are committed to bringing healthy, homely and wholesome food to our discerning customers. We have a wide range of batters in 14 flavors, pure, Healthy and Nutritious. Each of our batters is prepared from the finest ingredients that will remind you of the same homemade flavors as mother’s cooking. We also have organic batters which are organically certified and USDA approved. 

Our batters are prepared in the traditional method of soaking and grinding to perfection. These ready to cook batters are naturally gluten free, vegan and contain no artificial ingredients. All natural and wholesome batters are now available for your customers.

Give him/ her a great start each day with our 100% organic, USDA / CCOF certified batters that come in three flavors… Better still, make it a compelling reason to be your customer.

Shastha Foods brings pure, high quality products that you can include in your daily diet to remain healthy, fit and energetic.

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