Heritage Rice

An Initiative of  Shastha Foods to Support our Indian Farmers 

We are happy to associate with Farmers (Nature's Master Craftsmen) in supporting their endeavor to sustain  different  Rice varieties  and ensure they are carried ON to future generations.  

Celebrate Farmers ! Relish the Taste  !! Cherish our Tradition !!!

 Attoor Kichidi Champa 

Attur Kitcidil Champa  is a traditional variety rice, Famous for tasty rice that accentuate tastes of south Indian curries such as Sambar.Kichidi Champa is small in size & organically cultivated.


 Iluppai Poo Champa

The traditional rice Illuppai poo Champa is a pearl or brown color rice. The rice derives its naming convention from a mahua flower (the other botanical name is Bassia longifolia flower) because there is a delicate flavor of the flower. 


Outshining Basmati, Kalanamak, a non-basmati and short-grained scented rice variety grown primarily in the tarai region of Uttar Pradesh, is so named because its husk is black. 



Karunkuruvai is an important rice variety that belongs to kuruvai family. The time period of this crop is June to July. It is one of the traditional rice varieties and is native to the South Indian parts like Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka.  
Kerala Sundari  
Popular in the Sunderbans, Kerala Sundari is a non-scented, bold rice and a good yielder.   
Khichdi is a dish in South Asian cuisine made of rice and lentils (dal), but other variations include bajra and mung dal kichri. It is known for its unique flavor and many people use it as a substitute for white rice.  
Poongar rice  is one of a traditional rice variety of Chennai (Tamilnadu),which uses natural farming methods.It is flood tolerant and require less water. This variety is very similar to Mappilai samba.  
Thengai Poo Samba  
Thengai Poo Samba (Raw & Boiled) A fine South Indian variety preferred for the Indian table. Coarse texture of rice implies – the grains are well cooked but the outer layer is still visible and that makes it coarse.  
Traditional south Indian Tamil Nadu red rice variety. It grows up to 5 feet.  Sweet made with kavuni arisi is an important dish in Chettinad cuisine. A good source of zinc and iron.