Homely Meals Got Faster and Tastier

Homely Meals Got Faster and Tastier

 Fresh Batters +  Ready-To-Eat Sambhar/Chutney 

Are you living a busy life and facing a challenge of maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet to lead a healthy lifestyle?

People who are ‘time poor' tempt to overlook the importance of a balanced, healthy diet. They skip their meals that can further have negative health effects like weight gain, binge eating, lower metabolism levels and thus lack of energy. And binge eating leads to unhealthy and caloric rich foods. But even if you are stretched on time, you can still go for healthy choices that are simple, wholesome and super easy to make. 

Shastha Foods brings you ready-to-eat food choices with no preservative, no added colors, and no added flavors. These include Coconut Chutney, South Indian Sambar, Pudina Chutney and Peanut Podi. You don’t need to skip a dish. Serve a healthy meal with our ready-to-cook Dosa or Idly batters and ready-to-cook Sambhar and chutney anywhere and anytime.

 Ready-to-eat Coconut Chutney- Can be made instantly and eaten with dosa or Idly. It’s ready in just 3 minutes and tastes as fresh as real coconut. No South Indian meal is complete without it. It is easy to make so you can include this anytime even if you are stretched out of time or travelling. It comes with an edible spoon inside the pack.

 Ready-to-eat South Indian Sambar- A perfect blend of lentils and aromatic spices is a perfect accompaniment with Dosa and Idly. And it is ready to serve in just 8 minutes. While the flavors of freshly made Sambhar cannot be replaced, ready-to-eat Sambhar is a great replacement when you are stretched on time, or traveling.
Ready to eat Pudina Chutney- Savor the taste of this traditional chutney recipe by using it as a dip or a side with tempting food dishes. Prepare within minutes and add the real flavor of mint to every meal. It comes with an edible spoon inside the pack.
Ready to eat Peanut Podi- A great side dish for idli,dosa and rice, this peanut podi comes handy when you are short on time or not in a mood to do any elaborate cooking. It comes with an edible spoon inside the pack.

We also bring you Shastha Batter : Homely Meal Special - PACK A which includes 

  1. Your  Choice  of any 2 Batter Flavors , each 32 OZ 
  2. Ready-to-eat Sambar ( 2 Nos ; Each 50 grams)
  3. Ready-to-eat Chutney (Coconut  Chutney 1;Mint Chutney 1 ; Each 50 gms)
  4. Idhyam Oil -  200 ml
  5. Your Choice of 1 Grand Sweet/Snack -  250 grams  (From Oma Podi, Masala Chips, Seedai  or Vella Seedai)
  6. ChettiNadu  Idly Podi - 50 grams -  1 

Order online from https://shasthaonline.com/collections/ready-to-eat-collections
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