Jaggery- A natural sweetner

Do you have a sweet tooth and hunt for sugary food after every meal? Sugar cravings are the hardest to resist especially if you are trying to control caloric intake. Most of us end up indulging ourselves in those instant sugar options after meal. To add on, our festivals and special occasions are not complete without sugar loaded sweets.

Why do we need to compromise our age old traditions when there are naturally sweet products that not only add flavour but also immense nutritional value to the food we eat. Let’s follow the same tradition of our ancestors and satisfy our sweet tooth naturally by adding natural sweetness to meals. Jaggery or ‘Gur’ is a most common ancient Indian sweet used widely in sweets and dishes. Made from sugarcane and date palm, It comes in all kinds of forms, from semi-liquid to solid blocks, of different shapes and sizes. It is rich in fibre and vital nutrients, and free from chemicals. Jaggery is an essential ingredient in several Indian recipes and tastes absolutely divine. Loaded with nutrients that add to our health, jaggery is a natural sweetner that we’ve forgotten because of processed products.

According to Ayurveda, it is the best natural cleansing agents for the body, which removes toxins particles from the body. It is a carbohydrate that provides instant energy to the body as it gets absorbed in the bloodstream instantly. It is often used in place of sugar for sweetening beverages in rural India. None of the traditional Indian sweets are baked without addition of Jaggery.

We are happy to revive this forgotten wonder product and are bringing it back to your kitchen or pantry in the purest forms.Shastha Foods jaggery products are sourced from farmers who follow and practice age old techniques of making ‘Gur’.

Order your home-style sweetner and enjoy it in drinks and food:

 Karupatti Vellam: Made from freshly concentrated product of cane sugar and date palm tree, Palm jaggery is a treat to taste buds. The process of making palm jaggery does not involves use of any chemical agents, hence all the natural minerals are retained as no preservatives are added..




Panam Kalkandu:
Panam kalkandam the crystalised form of palm sugar. It is produced from the sweet “Neera” from Palmnyra and is a nutrient rich, low glycemic crystalline sweetner.


Organic Jaggery powder and cubes:
Healthier & tasty substitute for Refined Sugar. is produced from sugarcane cultivated in organic farms spread across India without application of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.



 Order online from https://shasthaonline.com/collections/jaggery

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