Millets gluten free grains

Millets gluten free grains

Millet: A gluten free grain for your daily requirement

Millets are one of the most widely cultivated cereal crops in semi-dry areas of Asia and Africa. Millets are enjoying rising popularity nowadays due to a range of health benefits. These grains are gluten-free and hence can be easily consumed by everyone.

Types of Millets:

India is one of the largest producers of millet. Let's dig into the nutritional value and benefits of millet.


Barnyard Millet has  very high nutrient content. It contains 6 times more fiber compared to wheat. So this makes an ideal choice for people who are looking for an alternative to wheat.

This variety of millets has high calcium and phosphorus content also.

Banyard Millet


Undoubtedly nutritional value of this type of millet is huge. It is a rich source of minerals like iron, zinc and potassium. If your body is vitamin deficient this can be a good source of natural B- vitamins as well.

Little Millet


This gem millet is also known as miracle millet with the iron content that is eight times higher than that in rice. This can be a perfect substitute for the rice and other dishes that use rice as one of the main ingredients.

Pearl millet also helps in reducing digestion issues as well. With all these benefits, you should really think of adding this ‘gem food’ to your diet.

Pearl Millet.


The foxtail millet is available in the form of rice or flour. This type of millet is high in carbohydrate content. It helps to boost your immune system naturally and helps in maintaining your cholesterol levels as well.

Foxtail Millet.

In addition to these the millet family has many other varieties as well such as Proso Millet, kodo Millet, Sorghum Millet, Multi Millet etc.

Millets are usually consumed in the form of batters thus making it easy to incorporate their nutritional value in your everyday diet. Why don’t you start incorporating this super food in your diet?

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My South Indian Coffee

My South Indian Coffee

Why We Indians are sentimental about our coffee?

There are coffee lovers all across the globe. In fact, coffee is the most popular beverage globally after water. Most people love their lattes, espressos and kick-start their day with the much-needed treat every day.

Some people may call it an addiction or a mere habit but most of us have a heartfelt affection to it.

Now talking about South Indians, coffee is not just a drink or a beverage. Every South Indian has a special emotion or feeling attached to a traditional cup of ‘filter kappi’. The flavor and aroma of a fresh cup of kappi holds a special feeling in every South Indian's heart.

Making a perfect cup of filter coffee is considered an art and the South Indians have mastered this one over generations. The three elements that contribute to the perfect cup of kappi (South Indian Filter Coffee) is the perfect balance of simple ingredients, an authentic coffee powder with a mouthwatering froth to top the delicious beverage.

While achieving the perfect balance comes with practice, the most important ingredient to get the right blend is the ‘Coffee powder’. Using the same authentic coffee powder that your mother or grandmother used while growing up, will undoubtedly take you back home. The aroma and smooth texture that you feel with every sip can revive more memories and bring back the spirit of good old days.

What could be better than to start your day with the perfect cup of your choicest blend of coffee?

Leo Coffee has emerged as one of the leading brands of coffee in India. They have been associated with authentic coffee in various flavours and types for generations. Some of their most loved coffee is Leo Degree Blend, Leo House Blend, Leo Madras Blend etc.

Narasus coffee is another household coffee name in south India. If you are someone who would prefer organic coffee Narasus coffee is the perfect choice for you. Some of the famous coffee blends from Narasus is Peaberry blend, Narasus Insta Strong coffee blend, Narasus Udhayam, Narasus Instant Pure  etc.

You might miss a lot of things back home but coffee does not have to be one of them.

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Millet Recipes

Millet Recipes


For the health-conscious home cook.

Eating healthy is a concern for people worldwide, be it for heart health, low fat, low carb or low calorie cooking for weight management. People are eating more greens and grains and feeling virtuous about the abundant vitamins and minerals and invaluable protein and fiber. Best of all, these foods are utterly delicious!

The 57 creative recipes of Shastha Millets ebook combine greens and quinoa grains in dishes for all meal occasions that burst with flavor, taste, and color. This is an indispensable book for the health-conscious home cook.

The main features of this book are -

  • Simple and convenient recipes using easy-to-find ingredients
  • Low-prep times yielding dishes