No matter how far you are from home you always miss and crave for childhood flavors you grew up with. Food is what keeps us connected to our roots and can bring back endless stories. The aromatic smell from grandma’s kitchen can tickle our taste buds anytime and anywhere. 

Are you also missing the mouth watering delicacies from back home? At Shastha Foods we are committed to bring healthy, homely and wholesome food to our discerning customers. Now you can order a wide range of Indian delicacies, living in Canada, at is an Online shopping place for our Canadian Customers looking to buy products from Shastha foods with less wait time and smooth ordering process within Canada itself. Our products ranging from Indian Rice, Millet Grains, Millet Flour, Filter Coffee products, Grand Sweets are authentic, homely and healthy. We bring regular shipments from India and ship out of SanJose, USA

Indian Rice


Shop a wide range of rice varieties at and embrace the taste and aroma of different recipes that you can cook for your family.

Millet Grains


Shastha brings you millet grains that can be easily consumed by everyone. We have 50+ tasty and healthy millet recipes that you can enjoy in the morning. These gluten-free grains are healthy, wholesome and pure.


 Millet Flour

Shastha brings you millet flour mixes that can be eaten in different forms for  breakfast, for a long and energetic day. 

Filter Coffee

Are you missing the aroma of fresh filter coffee and that subtle taste, just like a cup of coffee back home! What could be better than to start your day with the perfect cup of your choicest blend of coffee? Enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee with Shastha Foods.

Grand Sweets & Snacks

Now order a wide range of Mouth watering Grand Sweets & Snacks, living in Canada. and enjoy the same tasty and authentic flavors that you grew up with.

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