About Us

Shastha foods is synonymous with authentic Indian food and distributes products ranging from ready to use Rice/Lentil Batters,  different varieties of Rice, Filter Coffee, Indian Sweets/Snacks, Papads, Pickles, Rice Mixes, Wheat flour and numerous other Pooja items. We make sure that our products are fresh and delicious, to satisfy all palates.

We focus on regional speciailities from all over India eg.  Maharastrian Flavors, Heritage Rice from Tamil Nadu,  exclusive items from Karnataka, Gujarat, WestBengal, Kerala and many more. 

When our passion combines with high quality natural ingredients, the result is a phenomenal range of products. We take utmost pride in the food products we deliver and strive to maintain its name and quality.

Company History

Our Journey

Shastha Foods saw its humble beginnings in 2003 in Bay Area, California, when we had the idea to make and distribute Dosa/Idly batters to various Indian grocery stores in the Bay Area. What started out as a small facility with a few small grinders and personal delivery of batter to the stores has now evolved to a bigger place with numerous big grinders, staff to help and a wider reach.

The business began with a few 1.5 liters grinders and personal distribution of the batter to a few Indian stores in the San Jose area. Realizing the huge demand for freshly ground batters, Shastha online gradually expanded its distribution to other parts of Northern California including Fremont, East Bay, and Sacramento. Within a few years, we started distributing their products to Seattle, Oregon, Salt Lake City, North Carolina and most recently Las Vegas.

Shastha foods has also partnered with South Asian Heart Center in an effort to bring out a healthy range of products.

Apart from making fresh batters, Shastha foods also imports 350 Branded items which include South Indian puja items, coffee, appalams (papads), wheat flour (multi-grain, diabetic etc), dry pan and rice under the Shastha name.


Our Philosophy

At Shastha Foods, we work hard to consistently provide superior quality food products, while striving to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Our philosophy dwells on producing excellent products, while keeping in mind the needs of our customers and employees at the same time. We take utmost pride in our products and strive to maintain its name and quality. 
Our Destination

The growth of a company is a continuous process and we are treading this path diligently. With our eyes on the future, Shastha foods has launched its Online store – www.shasthaonline.com, bringing you the convenience of shopping online from you desktop or mobile device. With our Online store (Shastha Products and Shastha distributed products), you will be able to shop at your convenience, and have them delivered at your home

Pledge to Quality

Our Pledge to Provide Quality

  • At Shastha Online, we understand the necessity for providing healthy and nutritious products.
  • The Shastha Online facility is registered to the state of California and certified by the Department of Public Health.
  • All Shastha products are made fresh everyday in an extremely clean and well-maintained facility.
  • All varieties of Shastha batters are free of preservatives and packaged in food grade containers which are foil sealed.

We are committed to foods that are fresh, wholesome and safe to eat. We carefully evaluate every product/Category that we sell to ensure they are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats. We are constantly trying to promote organically grown foods, nutritional products that support healthy communities.

Indian foods comprise several ingredients such as vegetables, pulses, rice/wheat,  spices and delivers essential nutrients. But, everyone cannot eat everything as individual’s immune system respond differently to different food products. There is no food processing tool for completely eliminating allergenicity and avoidance of such food is the only cure for people who are sensitive. Ingredient label on the processed/packaged food informs consumer about what it is made of (food ingredients) and becomes an important tool in preventing such food products on sensitive individual’s plate.