My South Indian Coffee

My South Indian Coffee

Why We Indians are sentimental about our coffee?

There are coffee lovers all across the globe. In fact, coffee is the most popular beverage globally after water. Most people love their lattes, espressos and kick-start their day with the much-needed treat every day.

Some people may call it an addiction or a mere habit but most of us have a heartfelt affection to it.

Now talking about South Indians, coffee is not just a drink or a beverage. Every South Indian has a special emotion or feeling attached to a traditional cup of ‘filter kappi’. The flavor and aroma of a fresh cup of kappi holds a special feeling in every South Indian's heart.

Making a perfect cup of filter coffee is considered an art and the South Indians have mastered this one over generations. The three elements that contribute to the perfect cup of kappi (South Indian Filter Coffee) is the perfect balance of simple ingredients, an authentic coffee powder with a mouthwatering froth to top the delicious beverage.

While achieving the perfect balance comes with practice, the most important ingredient to get the right blend is the ‘Coffee powder’. Using the same authentic coffee powder that your mother or grandmother used while growing up, will undoubtedly take you back home. The aroma and smooth texture that you feel with every sip can revive more memories and bring back the spirit of good old days.

What could be better than to start your day with the perfect cup of your choicest blend of coffee?

Leo Coffee has emerged as one of the leading brands of coffee in India. They have been associated with authentic coffee in various flavours and types for generations. Some of their most loved coffee is Leo Degree Blend, Leo House Blend, Leo Madras Blend etc.

Narasus coffee is another household coffee name in south India. If you are someone who would prefer organic coffee Narasus coffee is the perfect choice for you. Some of the famous coffee blends from Narasus is Peaberry blend, Narasus Insta Strong coffee blend, Narasus Udhayam, Narasus Instant Pure  etc.

You might miss a lot of things back home but coffee does not have to be one of them.

Enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee with Shastha Foods.

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Narasus Coffee.


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