Quinoa can be part of Indian food

Quinoa can be part of Indian food

Quinoa: Why is it the ultimate choice for the health freaks?

Quinoa pronounced as ‘keen-wa’ has taken the food industry by storm in last couple of years and is still going strong as the ultimate food choice for health cautions people.

Why is this food ingredient becoming so common in Indian households? To answer that let's start by understanding facts about the nutritional benefits of Quinoa. Quinoa is gluten-free, high in protein and has all the nine essential amino acids.

If you have a busy work schedule and are trying to eat healthy, Quinoa can be the ‘golden’ ingredient that provides highest quality protein and balanced carbs in your meal. And if you hate cooking, then it’s a wonder food for you. It’s easy to cook, tastes delicious, is filling and can be used in endless ways - salads, pulao, upma and more.

It is one of the most flexible food item that can be used as a side dish or blended easily into the main course. It holds on to the spices very easily and hence caters to the taste of almost all palettes from low, medium to fiery hot.

Now after reading so many good things about Quinoa your question would be how to cook this wonder food? The answer is simple, and the cooking process is even simpler. If you know how to cook rice you have won the battle to cook this superfood.

This super nutritious grain cooks very easily in no time and can be used in multiple ways.

A simple ratio of ingredients and the dish is ready.

  • Use 2:1 ratio of water to Quinoa while you are cooking.
  • Bring water to boil and add the grain to it, and let it simmer on low temperature.
  • Use a fork to separate the grains. Quinoa expands in water while being cooked and absorbs the liquid in it.
  • Voila! Your Quinoa is ready to eat.

We have compiled a cookbook of Indian recipes made out of Quinoa. Each of them have been meticulously tried and then suggested. Some of the popular recipes include

  • Quinoa Upma
  • Quinoa Pongal
  • Quinoa Bread Vada
  • Quinoa Bagala Bath
  • Red Quinoa Ladoos

You can download the complete recipe book HERE.

Try these healthyand easy quinoa recipes.You can add both Red Quinoa and White Quinoa to your diet.We also carry organic Quinoa sources from USDA certified farms.In addition to this, if you are looking for a quick & healthy substitute - you need to try diet Shastha Quinoa flakes to your diet.

Quinoa is the natural protein booster to your diet. When do you begin to add this to your diet?

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