Why Do You Need To Switch To Organic Dals?

Why Do You Need To Switch To Organic Dals?

Why Do You Need To Switch To Organic Dals?

Dals have been a staple food in Indian diet, it has been consumed since ages due to the health and nutritional benefits that it offers.

Organic Dals are now becoming the first choice of every household and have been used in making several delicious and mouth-watering recipes. The question here arises that what is wrong with the age-old dal being used?The answer lies in the process that is used in making these dals.

When dals and pulses are polished, in the process of husk removal in order to make it look shinny, the nutrients present in them get decreased considerably. Moreover, artificial colours and powder ingredients are also added to this process which further decreases the natural taste and flavour of the dals.

On the other hand, unpolished and organic dals have the fibre and nutrient content still intact and are very good for health.

Organic dals being the healthiest of all, should be the ones that you incorporate into your diet instead of unpolished and polished dal. “Organic” refers to the fact that no chemicals have been used in the process of cultivation of the food item. Thus, organic dals or pulses are chemical free.

Organic dals are rich in protein and also act a great food in weight management as well.

It contains 35% protein which is more than the protein content in meat and poultry food products.

We have a wide range of organic dal/lentils according to the choices of different people such as:


  • Shastha Organic Toor Dal
  • Shastha Organic Moong Dal
  • Shastha Organic Chana Dal
  • Shastha Organic Kabuli Chana Dal
  • Shastha Organic Whole Green Moong
  • Shastha Organic Urid Gota Dal
  • Shastha Organic Urid Split Dal

At Shastha Foods, we are passionate about bringing you ingredients that are grown in pesticides free environments. Now your food will taste more aromatic and flavourful, same as back home.

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