Seer Items -A bond of love and care

Seer Items -A bond of love and care

     India has unique traditions that have been passed on through generation and it is the warm bond that brings people together and keep sharing those with their children. SEER is one of such beautiful tradition practised in South India to maintain a lovable bond between relations through multiple customs & occasions. It is exchange of presents, pleasantries and pay-return respect between relations.

SEER VARISAI  bonds  a boy child or a girl child , throughout his/her entire life, with his/her parents, brothers, sisters, maternal uncles and paternal aunties.

The bride’s parents prepare mouth watering sweets and savouries for the bride to take back with her to her husband’s home. These are known as ‘seer bakshanam’ and are stored in decorated containers by the groom’ family and later distributed amongst friends and relatives.

Seer is an  integral part of South Indian wedding celebrations, the plates of seer varisai for wedding are displayed in an eye-catching array to showcase the grandeur of the ceremony. In any marriage in Tamilnadu, one of the most important things is the seer thattu - A ritual that welcomes the groom into the family, becomes the focus. A lot of emphasis is placed in the decoration as also in the presentation of the Seer varisai.

Aesthetically mesmerising, seer varisai for wedding abound in bling and ensure a rich display of colours. The traditional with contemporary packing techniques are creatively blended to create customised seer thattus. Unique ethnic designs and colours lend a graceful and personalised touch to wedding celebrations and redefines traditional wedding opulence thus marking the affluence of the family.

Shastha Foods brings you variety of Seer Items to make your event special and memorable.
Jangiri, Badhusha, Seer Athirasam, Seer Special Mixture, 5 Spiral Seer Hand Murukku, Seer Mysore Pak, Groundnut Koodu (Cone), Cashewnut Parappu Thengai Koodu (Cone) etc. Living far from home, you can still pass on the traditions and customs to your children and help them develop the bond of belonging and love.

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