Navratri Golu - Festival of Dolls

Navratri Golu - Festival of Dolls

Golu is the unique festival of dolls. Golu, also known as Kolu, Bombe Habba (Kannada), Bomma Gullu (Malayalam), Bommai Kolu (Tamil) or Bommala Koluvu (Telugu), is a toy festival celebrated during the time of Navratri in Southern India. Navaratri is a time during which many homes in India are full ofcolors, light, music, and food. People greet their loved ones with gleaming dolls, colorful Kolam (Rangoli), lighted lamps, and traditionally dressed women and girls chanting slokas and singing.

As per the traditions, the first dolls to adorn the Golu should be “Marappacchi”, a pair of male and a female dolls. There are many stories on Golu festival. In earlier days it was done to make adolescents aware of gender morphology.

It also has a significant connection with agriculture in order to encourage desilting of irrigation canals, Golu was celebrated to create demand for clay materials. It is symbolic of the feminine power and symbolizes that everything on earth has one creator. This festival is celebrated to acknowledge their sacrifice. A very important occasion that promotes creative expression for women and for the family to work together on an aesthetic aspect

Golu dolls are made, by moulding a clay model of the sketch from the book with a knife-like tiny but thick ‘tools’ made of bamboo and rosewood. The tools are used to make the sharp features and sculpt the jewels and attire of the gods. The tiny clay dolls with chiselled nose and well-defined features are readied to make moulds for the festive season. Each year moulds for unique dolls are made and sold  to doll makers. From these moulds, thousands of dolls are made.

Shastha Foods is organising Golu exhibition in its warehouse from Sep 15 - Oct 10. It is a unique display of Golu dolls for the coming festive season. We welcome you all to a grand show of golu dolls and navratri fest.

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