Are you bored of your usual cooking? Or have your taste buds been craving for something new? Let’s spice it up! We are here to talk about making food better and tastier with some common herbs and spices. In most indian homes spices are used generously on low flame to provide color, texture and an aroma to food that is always inviting. Spices are usually dried up before using for cooking. Aromatic spices add flavor and bite to curry dishes and many of these spices also offer you health benefits.

Did you know Indian cooking can use upto 36 different types of spices?

These spices are not only used for seasoning food but also are packed with solid healthy benefits, right in your kitchen.

So to lead a healthy and balanced life by avoiding ailments and lifestyle diseases, a nutritious diet rich in spices can be the way to go.

Shastha Foods has a great collection of pure and healthy spices that will make your normal food more tasty, aromatic and flavorful


A delicious preparation of careful blends of lentils, spices and red chilies to give the right flavor and taste. It is a great combination for idly, dosai, oothappam and even for adai. Made from the finest quality Pulses and Spices. 100% Authentic Traditional South Indian Recipe. Pure Vegetarian Home made Tasty Flavour.



SHASTHA PARAPPU PODI:                                                                                                 A lip-smacking spice powder recipe mainly served as a condiment or as a side dish to rasma rice or sambar rice for lunch and dinner. it is mainly prepared from the combination of lentils and roasted chana dal mixed with dry spices.
This spicy condiment is typically used as taste enhancer when served with breakfast or with meals and is filled with spices and garlic flavours.



A secret ingredient for a tasty cooking, this mixture is made up of dry spices, leaves, and dal. Shasthas Kulambu Chilli Powder gives you a great taste like homemade powder mix. This is such a versatile spice powder as it turns any simple dish extraordinary with its touch. Make appetizing curry recipes for your entire family instantly within few minutes Bring soul and taste to your scrumptious cooking with our flavorful powder.



SHASTHA SAMBAR POWDER:                                                                                    Fresh, aromatic, homemade sambar powder that adds flavourful addition to all the South Indian Sambars.It is an important ingredient in making “Sambar”. This spiced powder is made with a blend of roasted coriander seeds, toor dal, chana dal, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds and few more which adds to this unique taste and exemplifies the taste sambar.


We can already see the benefits from Turmeric or Nutmeg that are getting popularized in form of supplement powders and tablets in super markets. But there are spices like fenugreek, fennel, corriander seeds, star anaise and many more in Indian spice cabinet that have huge health benefits but are not so popular.

At Shastha Foods, we are happy to bring those spices in forms of podis and powders to our customers in US and Canada.

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