Instant food, in almost all cuisines, has become popular with time because of less cost, time and energy savings, and convenience of preparing it. This is even more true for homemade recipes that require grinding, cooking or fermenting for hours. That’s why many of us shy away from making these dishes on weekly basis and they get restricted to special occasions only.
If you love South Indian cuisine and want to enjoy the hearty soups, stews like Sambhar and coconut chutney for everyday meal, then you need to try out our instant mixes that combine the flavor and taste of almost homemade authentic taste of these recipes.

Advantages of having Instant foods:

  1. No extra labour as processing is carried out through specially designed, minimum exposure equipment, keeping it safe and maintaining freshness.
  2. Enjoy a consistent flavor and taste, and you can save the packet in your pantry for a long time.
  3. Preparation is very convenient as many of these foods do not even require any pre-treatments, thus making them ready-to-eat.

Enjoy our instant mixes next time you are traveling, or had no time to cook on a busy weekday. Here’s why:

Preparation time is reduced to nothing.

No storing, buying or planning of ingredients.

Fulfill your hunger without much effort

Faster presentation and no cleaning required.

Easy and convenient on the go for college, outdoors and travels.

Cost efficient for mass production and distribution.

Our selective range of instant food mixes are made from delicious, homestyle recipes that are perfect for people on the go, students in colleges or frequent travellers. Even if you are a homemaker but your lifestyle doesn’t leave you time to cook, you need to try our mixes that will put your favorite meal on the table for your family.  Each of our instant mixes can serve you tasty food in minutes. No mastering of the culinary skills to cook our instant mixes; anyone can prepare it. Now you can enjoy your favorite flavors in your vacations.

They are as healthy as home-made food. The nutritional value remains almost the same because the way they are prepared and the original flavour of the food never goes missing.

The preparation time of our mixes is a matter of a few minutes; hence they are called 'Instant Happiness' packs.

All of our ingredients are natural; there are no added artificial flavours or colours that are harmful for health.

Instant Madras Sambar Mix with real vegetables- A quick instant sambar with no complicated  process of hunting for ingredients, running to stores etc…simply measure out tbsps of powder into water, boil and a delicious home made sambar,  just like mom made is ready in no time.

Instant Onion Sambar Mix- Made with authentic South Indian way and with the real taste of onions.

Instant Coconut chutney Mix- Coconut chutney provides a definite tang to many of the traditional South Indian delicacies such as idli, dosa, uddin a vada, bonda etc.

Instant Coconut chutney Mix with garlic- Without the seasoning effect of coconut chutney with real garlic tinge, many of south Indian products lose their traditional appeal.


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