5 Different Sevai to suit your taste

5 Different Sevai to suit your taste

There is more to Sevai!

Sevai is a type of rice vermicelli popular in Southern India, particularly Tamil Nadu (Kongunadu region) and Karnataka. Popularly known as Santhakai is made out of other food grains like wheat, ragi, etc. also are increasingly becoming popular.

We at Shastha have explored the local culture with the help of local food producers in India Sevai which was traditionally known to be made only out of rice, surprisingly is now being made in numerous grains today like millets, rice, ragi, multi-grains etc.

Multi Millet Sevai:

Multi-Millet flour is gluten-free, vegan with amazing health benefits.

It is easy to prepare, looks colourful and also very nutritious and healthy. Millets are one of the highly nutritious, non-glutinous and not acid forming foods.

Hence, they are soothing and easy to digest. They are considered to be one of the least allergenic and most digestible grains available.

Watch a quick recipe on how to cook Shastha's Instant Multi Millet Sevai

Click Here to Watch Multi Millet Sevai receipe video...

Ragi Sevai:

Ragi (fingermillet) is a powerhouse of nutrients. Ragi works as a versatile ingredient and can be used both for sweet and savory recipes. Make a quick seasoning of mustard seeds, urad dal, dry red chillies and curry leaves.

If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy these warm idiyappms (Ragi Sevai) with some freshly grated coconut, a sprinkle of cardamom powder and some sugar.

Watch a delicious recipe on how to cook Ragi Sevai:

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Rice Sevai:

Rice sevai is a breakfast recipe from South India. Rice Sevai is a Savory spice flavored thin rice vermicelli. It makes ideal breakfast recipe and is easy to cook and delicious at the same time.

It can be a refreshing change from eating idly and dosa for breakfast. You can switch between the three to add a variety to your meal.

Learn how to cook Shastha’s Instant Rice Sevai in a quick video:

Click Here to Watch Rice Sevai receipe video...

Red Rice Sevai:

Red Parboiled Rice Sevai Recipe is a traditional breakfast recipe from the Udupi region of Karnataka. Freshly made rice noodles are also referred to as Sevai. Red rice is believed to have a higher amount of Fibre, Vitamin B, Calcium, Zinc, and Iron.

It is traditionally served with filter coffee and spicy coconut chutney.

Brown Rice Sevai:

Brown Rice has been everyone’s favourite recently. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Brown Rice Sevai can be cooked as both a sweet and savoury meal. All you have to do is replace the traditional Sevai with brown Sevai while you are cooking it as a dessert.

So, be it any traditional festival or a happy occasion.

Sevai is a part of all the celebrations. It is a treat to eat and very simple to cook as well. Add it to your healthy eating routine. Growing up not all of us had so many options in terms of eating healthy and different types of Sevai.

So, if Sevai reminds you of that quick sweet treat that your grand mom used to cook, it’s time to return the favor and give so many options to choose from. Don’t forget to share your story or tips for cooking any of these types of Sevai in the comments below.

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