Shastha Seeraga Samba Rice 1.25 lbs



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Shastha Seeraga Samba Rice 

Weight : 566 Gms / 1.25 Lbs.

Benefits :

  • Seeraga samba is a popular rice variety that is widely grown in Tamil Nadu,  It is one of the exotic and expensive rice varieties that is used to make pulao and biriyani, especially for feasts.
  • Seeraga samba rice contains selenium, It has low levels of Sodium and is rich in fibre.
  • Seeraga samba is a wonderful alternative to your polished rice any day,”
  • The rice derives its name because of its small white ovular fine grains which resemble seeds of Seeragam/Jeera/Cumin and our farmers cultivate the rice in Samba season (August to January)

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