Shastha Rose Matta Rice 10 lbs



Shastha Rose Matta Rice

Weight : 10 lbs

Benefits : 

  • Matta Rice, also known as Rosematta rice, is locally sourced from the Palakkad region of Kerala, India.
  • This rice variety has a high content of nutrients . With increased quantities of minerals, vitamins, fibre and more, Matta rice goes for gold with its contribution to a healthier diet.
  • Matta rice can be had as plain rice, or be used to make idlis, appams, and snacks like murukku and kondattam.
  • Its nutrient-rich coat contains generous amounts of Vitamin A, and some forms of Vitamin B.
  • It is a coarse variety of rice with bold grains and red pericarp. The rice has a unique taste.   


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