HotStar Promo Offer - Ts & Cs

Shastha Foods is partnering with Star to bring an exciting offer on Hotstar annual entertainment pack. Sign up by clicking on the top banner on Shastha Online Home page and you will be directed to the offer page. Don't forget to enter the promo code HOTSTARSF40 and apply to proceed. If you are having difficulty signing up for the offer, visit and follow the steps.
Additionally each subscriber who signs up through Shastha online website will receive $5 gift card. Terms of usage are:
  1. Gift card will be emailed on the subscriber's email address. If the subscriber provides a non valid email address or the email bounces, Shastha Foods will not be responsible to fulfill the gift card offer.

  2. Each gift card, through Shastha foods, will have a unique code and cannot be duplicated or used for multiple online purchases.

  3. Each code is applicable on purchase order only, and can be entered at the time of transaction. The code cannot be reused for multiple purchases.

  4. The gift card will be emailed to the subscriber within 15 business days of signing up with the Hotstar offer.

  5. If the subscriber leaves the Hotstar offer in less than a week, the subscriber becomes inactive and is not entitled to receive the Shastha Foods online gift card offer.

  6. Shastha Foods reserves the right to cancel or amend their offer and these terms and conditions without notice to customers anytime during the campaign.
  7. The current online offer is valid till Jan. 31, 2019. Beyond that day the offer becomes invalid to all parties involved.
  8. In case of a dispute in regards to this offer, Shastha Foods is not responsible for any dispute between the subscriber and Star.